[Poll] Use runways used IRL only or just any that are green?

So what do you prefer, both in Solo and in Live:

  • use only runways in the direction they are being used in real life
  • use any runway that is green, even without taxiways and/or ALS/ILS

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Just wondering how real people like IF to be.

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You reminded me of something yesterday

It was raining heavily IRL in WSSS and the wind was like 090 at 7 then the unexpected thing happened - RWY 02L & 02C are closed while RWY 20C and 20R are open… but I still follow my own native law

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I do it in the green so 1. atc isn’t mad and 2. I want to takeoff with ease.

I pick all my flights on Flightradar24 and reproduce them in IF (with proper aircraft/livery/callsign).
On the Playground I don’t even listen to the controller if he doesn’t grant me my runway.


That’s something… but yea you won’t see me deviate much from real life situation in Singapore

Really depends. If I know the procedures and want to emulate them, - I go with that. If I want to experiment, there are no controllers and I’m not interfering with traffic, then it’s whatever scenario I want to play out; it’s a simulator, after all, so when it’s not messing up anyone else we can simulate what we want, right?

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Yes you have a point.

I use 3.

Any runway that is green with taxiways reaching there for departure. Runways with ILS for landings

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I use the runway ATC clears me to on the advanced server.

You should listen to the controller regardless.


Then why not use the Free Flight server or Solo mode? Actions like this are the reason people cannot practice their controlling on the playground. You’re not going to get runway realism there.


When I fly on the Playground the airports I visit are usually uncovered by ATC or trafficless (I never fly into LAX or KNUC or whatever)
Also, most of the times the controllers grant me a runway change, so situations where I don’t follow ATC intentionally are extremely rare.

Well, that’s what this question is about!

Yup, on advanced I will follow whatever ATC tells me. If you have an issue with it, you can follow up with them in PM here.

That’s what I did as well.

You go to ATC Playground for ATC. You have to be flexible. Not every controller is as free as you are. Timings can be incompatible, be it different timezones or different schedules so please spare a thought for others. Else, you may post a thread regarding an event and see if any ATC would like to be of your service or not.