Poll: United Airlines new snack options for Economy

  • stroopwafel
  • snack mix

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Thanks for the advice polls are a struggle sometimes.


Now that you mention United, when I flew with them I ate a sandwich prepared with cheese and ham, and with other stuff, do you know its name?

Will these snacks be on domestic flights?

Ok, I have spoken english all my life but this makes no sense?


Stroopwafel sounds cool. I’m going for that.


No sorry I do not know it.

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yes all flights hopefully but right now the majority of flights have it.

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Yeah, they very throughout the day though. For example, I had a 9 O’clock flight on a United about a week ago and everyone received brownie cakes. They were sooo good.

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Nobody polling has even tasted the stroopwafel. its caramel and amazing

Stroopwaffles are good if they don’t get crushed by the security searches we perform every morning 😊

I had it on a 5am flight from ORD. It was so good I stole my neighbors because they were sleeping the whole flight.

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I think they are great I just had one like a month ago and I loved it.