[Poll] The Average Infinite Flight Pilot

The Average IF Pilot

Please read the whole description prior voting.

All pilots here are different and I’d like to find out what the average pilot in Infinite Flight likes. I won’t close the polls at a certain time, so vote whenever you like. Because not everyone wants to share her/his opinion with everyone, the polls won’t show who voted for what.

Please note: The following polls have no effect on decisions made by FDS and are not made to judge the developers in any way. It’s my pure interest. This thread is NO FEATURE REQUEST. Please discuss ideas for a feature under the individual thread for the feature/plane.

1st question: What type of aircraft do you enjoy the most to fly in IF?

  • Twin aisle passenger jets
  • Single aisle passenger jets
  • Regional passenger jets
  • Commercial turboprops
  • General Aviation aircrafts
  • Military jets
  • Military transport aircraft

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2nd question: What flight duration do you like the most?

  • >1hr
  • 1-2hrs
  • 2-5hrs
  • 5-9hrs
  • 9-13hrs
  • <13hrs

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3rd question: Choose the mode/server you play the most (on).

  • Single Player
  • Casual Server
  • Training Server
  • Expert Server

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4th question: Your favorite airplanes currently available in IF (3 votes, no difference between variants, no difference between passenger and cargo version):

  • A320 Family
  • A330
  • A340
  • A380
  • B717
  • B737
  • B747
  • B757
  • B767
  • B777
  • B787
  • Bombardier CRJ Family
  • Dash-8 Q400
  • Smaller GA planes (C172, C208, Citation X, SR22)
  • Embraer E-Jets
  • Military Jets (A-10, F-16C, F-14, F-22)
  • C130 series
  • DC-10
  • MD-11
  • Other aircraft (not mentioned due to limited options)

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5th question: Virtual Airlines

  • I’m a member/staff member/founder of a VA
  • I plan to join a VA
  • I have no interest in VAs

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6th question: Events

  • I like to participate in as much events as possible.
  • I sometimes participate in events.
  • I have no interest in events.

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7th question: Feature requests

  • I like to discuss and propose possible future features of IF.
  • I voted for my favorite feature requests, but am not interested in a further discussion.
  • I have no interest in the Feature category.

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Thank you for participating!


I think that should be “<1hr” and “>13hrs
Great poll by the way!!


Can’t change it unfortunately, but I think everyone knows what I mean😅

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4th question says “WE WANT MORE WING FLEX” :D


Mixed emotions with some of these answers because it really is based on the time of the day and ATC availability. I fly based on where ATC is compared to what VA i want to do a flight with at that time…

I think i do 75% flights that are under 2 hours, but i prefer overnights as i can set them up.

As far as aircraft, obviously based on my flight time. I enjoy the 787 series the most, because it can handle a bit of stress if you wake up late and need to increase that rate of descent a bit. But the 737 series is my favorite to fly regionally, as i like the way it handles on final


Of course everyone likes different planes, different flight durations etc. and choosing one is maybe hard. I just did this to get an overview, nothing totally specific.


Very interesting topic! I can’t wait to see what everyone else votes for!

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GA getting no love 💔. Oh well, I’ve cast my vote. I hope more people provide theirs as well. Nice topic @Mats



Well Levet, it seems like Passengers Jets are the favorite among the majority so far, and although i didn’t vote for GA, i still love to take for a few touch and goes from time to time, to keep my landing ratio above the requirements :)

I’m someone who needs to give more love to GA, i gess it’s time for some island hopping ;)


Wooow. It got way more attention than I thought. Really appreciate it!


It would be interesting to see if the votes are changing after the release of the TBM and the 737 overhaul🤔


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