[Poll] Preferred Callsigns by ATC

I’ve got a question for ATC.
I’ve seen several topics about callsigns.
Also one that states it’s more realistic to change the callsign so it’ll fit the livery you’re flying in.
In other words; change it when you change livery.
It was also suggested to use SUPER and HEAVY correctly because that would make it much easier for ATC to do their job.

Under preferences on this website there is a field called “callsign”.
That should be changed every time as well.

On the other hand, when you use the same callsign all the time, everyone can recognize you much easier.

So what does ATC prefer:

  • always keep the same realistic callsign
  • always keep the same realistic callsign and add HEAVY or SUPER when needed
  • always change the callsign to fit the chosen livery and add HEAVY or SUPER when needed

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Just wondering what I (or we) can do to make it easier.

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Any thing preferred for me, don’t make it like DUSHYANTH SUPER - siri pronounces everything in the NATO alphabet which is annoying.


I don’t really take much notice of the callsigns, in the sense of its “type” I just guide and sequence. It’s not a problem for me…

Bill uses a call sign appropriate to his livery and aircraft.
He keeps his display name unique and always the same so people know who he is.
Bill is smart.
Be like Bill.

In all seriousness, I prefer the realistic callsigns. If I am flying an A → B route I use that. When I fly a pattern, I usually use my personal callsign (G-1C3Y), but that is fairly realistic as I am from the UK, and our registration prefix is G.


I pick all my aircraft, routes and callsigns from Flightradar24 (and add suffixes when needed).

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Neat poll:) I personally like it when people change their callsigns to match the livery they are flying. I always change my callsign before each and every flight. It gets on my nerves to see someone using the Delta callsign with the Lufthansa livery… or people using GA callsigns with jets. This endless debate brings me to the ground! Anyways, I definitely say change it before you fly each time.

BTW, I fixed a spelling error in the title :)


Thanks for correcting! ;)

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When I do ATC on PG I don’t really mind. But I always use the same one “N1BS” except for when I’m flying for my VA air.expressjet then it would be “AEJ002”

I always like to keep IF as realistic as possible, so I change my call sign for each livery (although I keep the same number). I think that if you want everyone to recognize you, you should just keep the same username or same number in the call sign. Matching the livery to the callsign is like switching on strobes only during flight and on the runway — everyone wants it to happen, but only half of us do it.


I always use the same…an usually fly always in Alitalia livery

I always change my call sign based on livery used. However, I always use the numerals 33 11 and use heavy when appropriate. I personally get annoyed by 737 with super in call sign, or an American jet with a united callsign.

What would be realistic callsigns for liveries other those of airlines?

I understand all that has been said, but changing callsigns is just a pain for me because I often get an error that I can’t change it, so I can’t always restart my device.

if you close down your app every so often then that fault doesn’t happen and you can change the call sign without problems. Helps to refresh the memory on your device as well as saving on battery power!

Personally I try use an appropriate Call sign for the livery and aircraft that I am flying. Either for the VA that I am flying with or otherwise check with Flighttracker (or similar) for an actual F/N. I find those on ATC PG server who use the wrong c/s annoying whilst on Advanced Server I find irritating!


Where is the ‘superman’ option?😉


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Ask @mishacamp he knows

I don’t care about liveries - flying or controlling…
When flying, I use a personal callsign (may be added with HEAVY or SUPER), which I’m trained to recognize, even if ATC is very busy.