[POLL] New Features and Apps development using API : your infinite flight setup and habits

Important : As I can’t add a new poll question, please look at my first comment

Hey guys, want to help developers enhance Infinite Flight by creating apps using API ?

I have a lot of ideas for using Infinite Flight API, but I need to know a bit more about your habits with Infinite Flight, so I made a poll to have a better idea of what can be done, and then I’ll get back (in another thread) with some ideas to share. Don’t hesitate to give your ideas of apps that could enhance Infinite Flight.

I know some of the questions below have already been asked, but I want to gather some real “stats” about how you’re using Infinite Flight, so it can help me and other developers to create great API-based add-ons !

Want to take part on this ? Let’s go !

First of all, do you play on :

  • Only on Phone/iPod
  • Mostly on Phone/iPod
  • Only on Tablet
  • Mostly on Tablet

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Between Solo and Live modes, you play :

  • Solo only
  • Mostly Solo
  • Live only
  • Mostly Live

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For those who prefer to play Solo,
Is your device connected to the internet when you play :

  • Yes, most of the time
  • No, most of the time

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And, as it’s really interesting to use another device with Infinite Flight, tell me
On which other device(s) could you use an app while you play Infinite Flight

  • I can use a computer besides Infinite Flight
  • I can use another tablet
  • I can use another phone/ipod
  • I don’t have any other device with me when I play Infinite Flight

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And if this other device is a phone/iPod, what OS is it running ?

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Other

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Thanks for your answers !

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And forgot to ask …

How old are you ?

  • <15
  • Between 15 and 18
  • Between 18 and 25
  • Between 25 and 30
  • 30

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@nicolas… Max Sez: for accuracy suggest add a 30+ age & -12/14 age catagory.


A mod would have to do that now!i don’t think he can edit it now it’s too late

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I typed >30 but I must have failed somewhere, <15 is fine enough to have an idea

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Ok, so far here is a summary I’ll update for other devs to flag & check out if they want :

  • Mostly tablets
  • Mostly live
  • Most players are <18 y.o
  • ~50% have either a computer (53%) and/or a phone/ipod (46%) besides Infinite Flight available when they play, with Internet Access

So I guess apps can run either on the same device, or on another phone, or a computer app or a web-based app


Forgot to ask about Android vs iOS but I think iOS is mostly used, and it was not relevant since I’m using cross-platform development frameworks, but maybe FDS devs can confirm that

From prior polls, I believe that is correct.

Would be awesome if FDS devs could gave us hints about audience and devices by region, etc, so we don’t create apps totally outside scope

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Yes, makes most sense. Almost 50% of us are 12-14!

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This is #developer, avoid unnecessary commenting if you aren’t a contributor.


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