[Poll] More GA Aircraft or Not

    1. More G.A aircraft
    1. Just update the existing G.A aircraft props ect.
    1. NO G.A aircraft ever! they are horrible!

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I know its a rerun, but i was told to make a new one! :)

The 3rd one that has no writing is supposed to be No G.A aircraft ever They are Horrible!

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the 3rd one is supposed to be NO G.A aircraft ever!


Poll fail again eh


Yet another fairly pointless poll.

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Please Check Help Pages for assistance using polls :p


Option 4: Do both. More GA aircraft and update the existing ones too.


Poll: No poll or not.

  • This poll is pointless
  • It’s a good poll

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i don’t get how this is pointless.

Read @AtomicHerbster4 's post above

your point?

Because it’s just another one of those topics which doesn’t really add to the community in any way.

Example - “NO GA aircraft ever!” - we already have a couple of GA aircraft already, therefore it is pointless.

and when it says no G.A aircraft ever, it obviously means, that no more should be aded, considering the name of the poll is More G.A aircraft or Not.

But it’s still a pointless option to have because wether you like it or not, the probable outcome is that sometime in the future - whenever that may be - we will get other GA aircraft on IF.

Actually it is please check tutorials on the forum for assistance building polls :P

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not if people don’t like G.A FDS, adds aircraft that people want!

A lot of people do want them though.

ok exactly, you just proved my point, and proved yourself wrong.

No - my point is that there is a 99.999% chance that they WILL COME sometime in the future, so having one that says that IS a bit pointless!!

I’m not bumping this useless thread anymore. Bye.

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We need more GA aircraft, the private plane selection sucks, we’ve only got a Cessna, a P-38 and a SuperD.