Poll, More GA Aircraft or Not

    1. More G.A aircraft in infinite flight.
    1. just updating the super decathlon and props ect. no more G.A aircraft
    1. Never any G.A aircraft because they are bad!

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What do you guys think? I know this is somewhat of a duplicate but the old one was old. thx for voting!

Would certianly like to see more ga aircraft.

PS: You need to sort your poll out ;)

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i know I’m trying, how do you edit it?

Edit the post, and then remove some of the options.

but when i click edit, it dosent let me remove the poll

Then ask a mod to do it. You’ll see the poll in md mode.

arent u a mod, so can’t you do it?

No, I’m not…

can u close the topic?

I’ve invited mods to edit the poll.

ok thx! so much

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Can’t vote :/

I can’t edit it either. Make another post.