POLL: Landing speeds are too low

I was Playing IF in solo when I noticed that when you click the buttons, Short final or approach, it will spawn you in at these positions but you will be around 5kts above stalling speed and you are destined to crash
Sorry but the other picture of approach was too big to fit in but the speed in that photo was 125kts

  • Slower (120kts)
  • This speed is all right (125kts)
  • Faster (130)
  • Faster Faster! (140)
  • Faster Faster Faster!! (150)
  • Faster Faster Faster Faster (160)
  • Speedy Gonzales! (170)
  • My choice (175, only on approach)
  • Speedy! (180)
  • Slow down! (190)
  • God, that’s fast. (200)

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Chose what you think is a good approach speed.
Happy Landings (and don’t stall because you hit the approach button or short final button)


You don’t need 0% power, and you might want to check the load.


I only just spawned in and I was on Light load. (You spawn in at 0% power)


Yep it will spawn you about 5-10kts above stall speed when on short final at 0% thrust. You need to set your thrust to about 75% otherwise yes you will crash…

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When I select short final, I always spawn in at 160kts at least with large crafts but it is still too fast, so I land farther and I mostly overrun the runway. I have to put the plane in an overweight configuration but the realism is then dead…

On the A320, I land at 130 knots

I always try to aproach at 160/150 kts, for the only reason that if a have to make a go around I have the necessary speed to make that go around safetly, it hapends me that some times a plane cross the runway and you have to pull the yoke, that reduces your speed and can limit you to make not safety maniouvers, I know the stall speed is like 110 knots, but I aproach at 160/150 JUST IN CASE…

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It depends on the aircraft, weight, and landing configuration. So one value for approach speed can’t work for them all. Not sure that this helps lol

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I always descend too fast when I only fly 130kt…I’m landing with 145-160kt

When you spawn you have 0% power, so it is normally that your speed is too low, just give power and you will have the perfect landing speed ;)


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