POLL: Landing method preference (CLOSED)

Add visual to the list. That is the most fun part of approach. Visual with HUD and fpv


For me It’s preferably choose diffrent landing methods according to the current weather condition’s and what I feel like doing. :)

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i don’t know the specific terms but once you’re intercepted by ILS/GPS you have 2 choices: fly the plane yourself, using any of the instruments at your disposal (or not using those references and fly with the naked eye) or use APPR and let the plane go to work. The question here now is what do pilots prefer.

I’ll close it soon haha

Flight path vector. It is a small dot in your HUD display that dances around your screen in the cockpit. It indicates where exactly your plane is headed when maintaining a specific heading (the direction the nose of your plane is pointing, engine power, and wind).

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I disengage autopilot as soon as I’m lined up with the runway and on glide slope on ILS/GPS.

There’s a pride/satisfaction for me when I bring the bird down myself and butter that landing. Then you hear the passengers applause if you use IF Assistant and it just feels good lol.

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So by ILS/GPS with no HUD, I basically meant to say visual approach once you’re lined up and on glideslope

Visual approach is definitely what I meant to say for the fourth option (once lined up with the runway and on glideslope).

No I would have mentioned Foreflight if that’s what’s I had in mind. I’m referring to the HUD in the cockpit on IF

But if the Foreflight is something you like to use more power to ya! Awesome :)

I was trying to save you from the mistake you listed ILS approach without hud (there is no working instruments in the cockpit, no hud means no instruments) … i don’t have ForeFlight. Doesn’t matter, i get it! this place for serious ppl ;)

@Charles_B… MaxSez: What about “Visual”? Most Trash Haulers Go visual at the inner marker or Decision height (DH on the Plate.

Fly the Ball at DH in VMC. Auto-Land was specifically introduced for IMC and push button attendants.

Use the force

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I’m always going visual with HUD.

I never use APPR. Even if it is very low visibility, I just do anything I can to keep the plane on centerline and on glide slope

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i basically wanted to say visual with the 4th option! I’ll edit where I can

I meant to say visual with the 4th option xD

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Visual with HUD and FPV, almost always.


Solid number of votes. Closing the poll soon!

I generally disconnect autopilot when on base. Or when cleared for approa h by the controller.
If its visual. Then definatly visual with HUD & FPV If its ILS. I’ll fly manually with HUD and FPV. Until I’m close enough to the runway say 3nm when I’ve runway clearly in sight depending on visibility and cloud ceiling. yeah there is no cloud in IF but sometimes when ceiling is low. It suddenly gets foggy untill you pass that altitude. And fly visually from there.

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