POLL: Landing method preference (CLOSED)

Hello everyone!

I’m curious, how do you guys like to land your plane most? Do you prefer using APPR? Manually landing the plane on ILS/GPS with certain settings? Let me know in this poll! If there are other ways you like to land, do comment!

PS. I meant to say Visual Approach with the 4th option!!

  • Autopilot (APPR)
  • ILS/GPS approach with HUD (no FPV)
  • ILS/GPS approach with HUD and FPV
  • ILS/GPS approach no HUD

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Anything lead me to runway. No preference. Sometime i use appr on uncontrolled airport but not after 6DME.


Autopilot (APPR) and the last 2 Nm ILS/GPS/visual manual final approach.


Which ever i feel is necessary. If the visibility is very poor i will use auto land, however if the vis is very poor and i have a engine failure i will land manually. Like the one above, i use all equally, when i think it is required.


When I want to see the results but we can’t till it’s been closed


Depends on the weather conditions! If there is low visibility to a serious extent, APPR is what I use as a best bet, but normally I try to land them visual approaches or ILS/GPS with HUD and FPV

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Always landing with HUD and FPV

Someone explain how you perform an ILS approach without instruments…


I have HUD, Approach mode, 10 miles out gear down flaps 1/4 speed 180kts. 7.5 miles out 2/4 flaps 160kts, 5 miles out flaps 3/4 speed 140kts, 3 miles out flaps full, quick check, announce final, 2 miles out, AP off, manual landing.


I’ll ask for an ILS/GPS anytime I can.
Really though, I’ll do anything but APPR. I feel like so much of this simulator is autopilot, that we should at least land it ourselves.


IF instruments or Foreflight? Im not sure he thought much before he started to write :)

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Well, I was thinking in terms of IF. If you’re using ForeFlight to replace the HUD, you’re still essentially using a HUD.

But, all that aside, without Instruments, you have no ‘I’ in ILS. It’s an oxymoron,


I definitely always try to do my landings manually. I’m not a big fan of the APPR.


They will find a way, haha.

My brother-in-law who’s an A380 pilot told me that the procedure is auto-landing when the visibility is 0. Otherwise manual.
And for braking, he can also set the exit lane and the A380 finished braking ready to exit the runway.
The only thing that is manual in autoland is to reduce the throttle when Airbus calls out 20, 10, RETARD


Its called BTV-brake to vacate, amazing feature that is. Pilot go through this on approach brief, its not like old school autobrake 1,2,3, max. When the pilot choose BTV it enabling it to reach any chosen exit at the correct speed, no matter what the weather and visibility.

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Use APPR until 300ft AGL then manual

Or if there is no APPR then I will land manually

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Wait, what’s FPV? And how do I use it. I see this around the community and have always wondered what it is.

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It’s part of the green display on the HUD (specifically, it’s the one with the little circle and the arrow)

You forgot to add visual approaches, which are my favorite.

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