[POLL] How professional are you as ATC?

Hey guys! So really, how professional are you at controlling? Do you use pen and paper? Do you even know what the traffic pattern is and how it works? How to issue proper clearances? The list can go on and on but how experienced do you really think you are?

  • Very Professional - I use pen and paper and follow all standard procedures
  • Professional - I don’t use pen and paper but I do follow standard procedures
  • Not very professional - I have some questions and I could do better if I knew an answer
  • Not Professional at all - I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t care to learn

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If you have other ways you control professionally feel free to discuss. This may help people who are learning:) And if you have any questions also feel free to ask down below:)


There is no option for “Very Professional- If not, I lose my ATC Ratings with the FAA”! LOL

Neat poll!


Lol:) IF Controllers have a little different version (or rating) though. Hehe! But I see what you mean.

And for everyone else reading this topic let me say this. Again, this is about how professional you are, not how well you control. Remember:)

I am very professonal

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haha I meant like real world controlling (my day job), but yes, IF Controllers too! :)


Why I should use a pen?

To keep track of your flights. That’s what you do in the real world. Tyler could explain that better than me because he’s a real controller.

Tylor do you want to explain me why I must use a pen

Well, in the real world we use Flight Progress Strips, a radar scope, and a few other things to keep track of everything. I’ve actually never used pen and paper for either, although I definitely utilize standard procedures the same way we do in the real world.


And here we have strips it is shame I can’t copy strips that I can use to write things

Ah that’s cool. But the average IF Controller doesn’t have all that so he resorts to the old fashioned pen and paper if he wants to be very progessional! :) although it is not necessary because of the system in IF.

From extensive viewing of Air Crash Investigations, I can confirm this is what they do. I feel sorry for all those pilots who actually went on that show, and got hurt mentally, physically or fatally with all those passengers too!

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The beauty of the Infinite Flight ATC system is that it mimics the systems we use in real life, avoiding the need to write things down. We have flight progress strips with aircraft callsign, intentions, and a radar with all aircraft data, much like what you see here



Would it not be Nice that there comes a possiblitity that we can copy the strips on IF and then can print them out

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Yeah but that’s a lot of printing if your airport is busy and there are lots of planes

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At EHAM they do it like what I said

Where on the earth is the runway ?? How can you read that radar ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😳

Wow that’s good:)

Cool poll :), the only time i sometimes write something down is the sequence for departure when pilots suddenly take an intersection for departure and hope they can skip the line.


I am not good at controling but i realy want to learn it.