[Poll] How do you like the 727?

  • with winglets
  • without winglets

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After you voted, please tell me why you chose your answer :)

Doesn’t look quite as authentic with winglets. It doesn’t ruin the aircraft, but attaching modern-ish technology to a 1960s aircraft won’t always work out perfectly. In this case, it doesn’t work as well as a 737-300SP for example


I think every aircraft should have winglets, it makes it look 10x better, IMO

Doesn’t look like an old aircraft.
It just doesn’t say to me “727”



I’m sorry but… It might be some shortsightedness or bias I have but I don’t understand how winglets make everything look good (See link above).

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I couldn’t view that for some reason :/. Just check here :) one of the latest pictures is a 727-023 with winglets www.planespotters.net

You copy paste the link. I put it in the " indent preformatted text by 4 spaces " because it would display the picture and I deemed it wasn’t necessary have the picture displayed

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That looks like an IL-96 on steroids married a 707 😂 (I saw it before you deleted it)

This kind of looks like a Boeing 737.

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When did they add winglets to the 727?

Super 27:

Speed increased by 50 mph (80 km/h), due to replacement of the two side engines with the JT8D-217 or the JT8D-219, which are also found on many MD-80s, along with the addition of hush kits to the center engine. Winglets were added to some of these aircraft to increase fuel efficiency. This modification was originally developed by Valsan Partners, but was later marketed by Quiet Wing Technologies in Redmond, Washington.