[Poll] How are we liking the new Dash-8 Q400?

The hype was real for the Dash, but was it what we wanted it to be?

  • It’s great!
  • Meh
  • It’s rubbish!

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I love it! It’s a really nice aircraft and surprisingly easy to fly! It also has great manouverability and can be flow into many airports with no issues whatsoever. It is also great to taxi and it’s really easy to turn around on the ground.

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It’s very good, fantastic model and fills a much needed gap between the Caravan and the jets.

Do you want them to take another three months recreating it. Or creating some more features…?

Alright who said it was rubbish?


Who? Me? I’m in love with the dash.

Ha ha, not exactly directed to you just people who find it bad

It’s better than I expected!

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Same here!

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Don’t think it is fair to have the last option there… the Devs but so much work into this. Like I said…

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