[Poll] Goodbye - Flight Sim Expo 2019

FS Expo 2019

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Thanks for allowing me to use this photo OneMoreWeekToGo

Hello Community!

Tomorrow, @Bobby will be streaming a tour of the Expo grounds and paying a special visit to the Infinite Flight Booth. I know that many of us fellow community members weren’t fortunate enough to be able to go, so Bobby offered to give us all an inside look at the expo. Feel free to tune in on Infinite Aviation on YouTube - Channel link below.

  • Feel free to ask questions in the chat while we’re live and Bobby may ask some of them to the developers!


Link to the stream:

~Time set is not guaranteed time of stream~


Ive updated the link - it should work now :)

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IFAE and ATCEG will be covering the Instagram side


Perfect :).

I’ll also be covering ATCEG and Infinite Flight News on Instagram… so hopefully you won’t miss it, haha.

I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing this experience.


I’ve got a lot to do this weekend with school, so it would be fantastic is anyone could post here (or elsewhere) anything major. I (and everyone else) don’t really need a play by play, but big news would be great to see…

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An estimate on the time of the stream

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Roughly 2:30PM EST.

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3 Hours until showtime! Feel free to ask questions here or on the stream chat and Bobby will choose some to ask the developers!

If anybody has any questions or concerns about anything, we’ll be free to answer them :). Only 2 hours until the Stream begins. Reminder that you guys can ask questions, and we’ll ask them to the developers themselves!

I’ll be watching on my tv 😎

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Are they working on the A350 Air France ?
What about the A400M ?

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Perfect :)

45 Minutes until showtime!

Make sure to tune in and find out the latest news about Infinite Flight, as well as a tour of the expo grounds.

During the livestream, feel free to ask questions in the chat and we will relay a few of them along to the developers.

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Stream is live in 5 minutes!

Today we tour the 2019 Flight SIM Expo, visit the Infinite Flight booth and more!
If you weren’t able to come this year, don’t worry! Tune in and ask questions for the Infinite Flight developers, see the booths this year and get a tour of the Expo grounds!



Thumbnail photo: OneMoreWeekToGo

I’ll stop by! :)

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Flight Sim Expo - 2019

That concludes this years expo! Unfortunately we were not able to provide as much coverage as we had planned, but @Bobby got plenty of footage for a future video. I’m amazed + fascinated by all of your support, and it’s incredible that this simulator brought the entire community together. Thank you all so much!

  • If you were unable to go the the expo this year, @Bobby was nice enough to stream on the expo grounds. If you missed the livestream it is available below.

One last thing - The amount of support my YouTube channel has gotten these past days amazes me. The recent growth has truly inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams, and it means the world to me. Thank you.

P.S - I’ll be doing a large Infinite Flight Assistant giveaway at 1,000 subscribers!

Below are two polls. I’d appreciate it if you filled them out :)

Did You attend the 2019 Flight Sim Expo?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Next Year!

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Are you subscribed to my youtube channel?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I am Now!

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Youtube Channel:


I remember checking out your channel less than 12 hours ago and it had just over 100 subscribers now it’s at 776 subscribers, keep up the great work, I also just subscribed and turned on the bell for you.

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Thank you. 1k here I come!

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Your welcome mate, let’s hope 1K comes soon.

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