[Poll] Fuel Consumption

  • Good Idea
  • Would Just be Annoying
  • Makes the game more realistic
  • Bad Idea

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Just wondering what the community thinks if this feature was implemented?


Is this a request or just a poll of people’s opinions.

Peoples opinion

Fuel Burn is already supposedly confirmed for the Global Flight update.

He’s saying what do some think about fuel burn if it’s added.

I disagree with the fuel burn

Tell me more

No it would make infinite flight more of a game then a simulator

I want to circulate the world more than one time, and I won’t have time to refuel or I will crash


Also the sim needs a name change if fuel burn added


Hahah nice one

Fuel burn exists in real life, how could that make IF more into a game.


“Limited Flight”

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Well you can’t you just fly and airport hop for fuel at least until they add air to air refueling as a thing in the future.

I agree with that

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You can’t fly forever.

Well I wish I could do, if it is added I will put my fuel “Full” even if I am doing pattern work

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Maybe it will be toggle on/off feature


Yea I like that idea