Poll for my next event

  • MRLB (Liberia, Costa Rica)
  • KRSW (Fort Myers, Florida)

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I just want to see which one people favor more. That does not mean that it will be chosen if it wins

I will leave this up until tomorrow and see which one wins, although as of right now, MRLB has every vote, so…

I’m getting a lot of results and it is very close now! Vote if you haven’t yet!

However this ends, it will be close

55% to 45%! I will be closing the poll at 4:30 PM EST. If you haven’t voted, make sure to do it before then

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10 more minutes, final chance to vote!

The poll is now closed. I will be taking into fact that KRSW won, but I am leaning more towards MRLB. It got great feedback at first, and having been to both of these airports irl, I personally liked MRLB better. Stay tuned for my next event

After lots of thought, I have decided to use MRLB, but hopefully will do a KRSW flyout sometime in the future! I also need a favor from someone who can snapshot something on IF for me, so if you can, please PM me! Thanks, and hope to see you at MRLB!!!

The MRLB event has been posted

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