[Poll] Favourite American Airlines livery.

Which was is your favourite: the pre-2013 livery, the post 2013 livery, or a hybrid between the two.

  • Pre 2013.
  • Post 2013.
  • Hybrid.

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Hybrid (the second one in the third image):image

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The hybrid scheme never actually existed

Forgot to add it was a proposed livery.

Isn’t this also a hybrid livery?


Haha I wish

This is real.

It’s a retrojet


A retrojet would be as the one for the Astrojet, not so sure about that concept of livery.

They consider that A321 a retrojet because it will stay in that livery indefinitely

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That’s why I asked. Thanks.

I bet it’s still easier to catch a regular us airways plane right now.

Hard question…

Why´s that?

I always wonder why the new livery has only 12 stripes. Did they forget one state or because of superstition?

Both liveries are really great… Not sure if I like the old livery better or the new livery…

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It could be superstition. When I went to San Francisco, the hotel didn´t had the 13th floor on the elevator.

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