[POLL] Do you use charts when you are ATC?

I would like to see if anyone actually uses charts while controlling. Whether it be approach charts, traffic pattern charts, or any type of ATC related chart. So let’s see if anyone uses them in IF!
I use…

  • Traffic Pattern Diagram
  • Airport Diagram
  • Approach Chart
  • No Chart
  • Other (Please Comment)

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Please note: there are so many charts it’s impossible to list them in a singe pole. So if you use other charts, choose other and please comment.

You should probably include, “No chart”

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I added it:)

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So… the poll has proven that some people use charts while controlling. Let’s get some more votes…

@Aviation32 needs to read this.
He’s a good ATC, but why does he sequence the planes in a circle 20 miles around the airport?
It’s pretty annoying when I have to spend 30 minutes in the air for a short hop.
Approach charts make things easier.

I use taxi charts for ground referencing when I can and approach and departure charts when I can but let’s face it IF isn’t as organized as the real world.


I’m an advanced controller and I think using a chart is kind of useless, I understand an approach chart but even then, I don’t think it really matters or is needed.

@Liam_Williams boo!!! 😀

😢 If you know how I feel why would you say that?

I like using the charts it adds the the realism. Expect for KASE ain’t nobody understand that approach when you give it to them. I was just messing with ya buddy no hard feelings I hope. @Liam_Williams

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‘Send them down the VOR’

-Brandon 2015

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@StikLover2, I think someone said KASE


Have you ever tried that Ian? It confuses the crap out of people especially clearing them at 8000 ft for the ILS cause that’s where you intercept it. 😂

Anyone know a good website for approach charts…etc?

@Captain_Dan flightaware.com

@Liam_Williams @Brandon_Sandstrom I agree with both of you. In IF, it is not “necessary” to use charts, yet they can help some people.


Thank you Brandon! :D

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You told me about it -.-

Wow I honestly didn’t think that this many people used charts and references while controlling in IF. The poll proved me wrong XD

I often have a look at those when I know it will be busy on approach

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