[POLL] Dash 8 or A319?

So I’m planning on getting ANOTHER new plane, probably after GF is released even though it’s ages away, and it’s between the DASH 8 and the A319.
Before you give me your opinion:

  1. The A319 has ALOT of my favourite liveries. Liveries that I’ve wanted to have for along time. Plus I like the plane in general (cockpit, design ect)

  2. I have been wanting the A319 for a VERY long time.

  3. I love the dash 8 though! It’s a cool plane!

(I know I made it sound like I’m in favour in the A319 but I really want both!)

Comment your opinion of which one I should get and why.

Thanks guys!😄

P.s I can’t get both because of private reasons. Thanks.

  • Dash 8
  • A319

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Get the dash 8 now. Maybe 319 after global. I love the dash 8. Some people say it’s hard to land but it’s hands down my fave plane to land. Especially with a crosswind. Very fun plane to fly. flip a coin. Heads get 319. Tails get dash 8. It doesn’t matter what it lands on. When the coins up in the air, your gut will hope it lands one way or another. Go with that feeling. Has never let me down many times in life


Id get the D8, since the A319 is like a shorter A321(which is free)

Have you considered live+?


thats what i did i was tired of paying the sunscription and buying Aircraft/Regions Live + is a very good deal and you cant go wrong with live for a year! plus evrything else!

If it ain’t a prop, I’m not going


Go and get the Dash 8, my favorite aircraft in game!


is the D8 considered a turbo prop?

Its not considered a turboprop it is one.


Thats what i thought thank you for the clarification.

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