(Poll) - Christmas event?

Hey everyone!

So I’m planning on getting a subscription somewhere during the December holidays and I would like to host a Christmas event! Vote for the poll where you think the event should be.

(Keep in mind its not 100% Guaranteed that I will be hosting an event)

  • LYBE (Belgrade)
  • LDZA (Zagreb)
  • LGAV (Athens)
  • OTHH (Doha Hamad)
  • EBLG (liege)
  • WSSS (singapore)
  • VHHH (Hong kong)

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Happy voting!


I suggest not making the event on the 25th, a lot of people are going to be with their family etc. So there wouldn’t be much attendees.

However, Liège is my home airport, so it better be chosen.


I meant like Christmas-time, not necessarily the day ;)


maybe you could do the day befor chirstmas eve or christmas eve

Possibly, maybe a little before

Make note that the 24 and 25 should be accounted for.

In addition to what others have said… It’s really not a smart idea to create an event around Christmas, other religious holidays, or New Year’s (24-31). Aim for probably the 21st or 22nd, as that marks the beginning of the Winter season in the northern hemisphere.

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why not do Doha because you like Qatar airways and so instead I give you a present of it being in doha

I said christmas-time.

I understand that. I’m just further emphasizing what dates people shouldn’t have events on, due to religious holidays, and New Year’s.

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The regulars may or may not be planning something in Canada on the 22nd 🤭


Athens will be amazing once we have the Aegean livery

love all the selections, but you probably know which one i had to pick ;)

Hope I can attend, but due to time zones i might not - good luck with your event!

None of those places are known for being winter, Christmas-y wonderlands. I would personally not vote for any because of that. If I were you, I’d put something like Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Moscow or St. Petersburg.

I never wanted Christmasy-winderlands.

I mean, if you’re doing a Christmas event, at least stick to the sort of theme.

lets do hong kong!
support the riots lol jk

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It’s my decision mate.

Clearly many people agree with some of the options.

I know, I’m just saying

I don’t think thats a very good idea lol…

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