[POLL] Bring back ATC in solo

So in solo mode, there used to be ATC chatter in the background while flying. You couldn’t talk to it. It was just there in the background. I liked having it there. Made solo feel more realistic! Please bring it back?

  1. Why was it removed? (E.g Was the file to big?)

  2. If you can, put it back?!

P.s I know some of you are thinking “if you want ATC just get live”. This would be good if your offline and/or if you don’t have live.

This is not a duplicate. There is a topic similar to this but the author never wrote their post properly and their question/request never got sorted or answered. Topic linked down below:👇

  • Yeah!!Bring this back!
  • Nah.

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Thanks guys!😄


Not what he is talking about


But I need an answer to question 1 and 2

Those two questions can be answered by PMing someone from the staff.

Exactly. The author never provided specific details so his question never get answered. I put specific details in this and I hope my two questions get answered.

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I know. But I would like to hear other people’s reasons and opinions and if staff do answer I want it to be public.


This would be fun to have!

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I agree this would make it even better. I used to like having the ATC chatter in the background. It was interesting to listen to! There could at least be a switch to toggle it on/off.

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When I was younger I thought it was real people XD, i think it would be cool to have in

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FDS probably won’t do it. Might be stopping people from purchasing live because solo will be a bit more realistic anayway.

If I was the developer and I was thinking about earning money and using it to expand the community and add new stuff to improve it I would not do this idea because everyone will play solo with ATC and nobody will buy live + which will mean making money would be a lot harder. Developers spend time and they need to be paid nothing is for free.

I remember the guy finish the message by something like “todimafa” (its like i heard)

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Abseloute nonsense. People aren’t going to stop playing Live so they can have pre-recorded background atc chatter. People purchase live so they can fly with other people and communicate and interact with real-life ATC controllers.


It is ATC chatter. You can’t interact with it. Some people might remember there was recorded ATC. It was pre-recorded. It was just in the background when flying. It wouldn’t stop people buying live.

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Thank you. Exactly. I think people I have read this wrong.

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They will not buy live because for some people it’s expensive as soon as global flight comes out and many other features solo will become most likely better and cheaper especially if you add ATC it will become like multiplayer just without real pilots

I am not saying ATC chatter just the same version of ATC like in multiplayer what’s the point of just having chatter in the background it’s better if you can interact.

Honestly, this would be good to practice so when you fly online you dont look like an idiot with “check help pages” messages

If I am correct, it was simply a pre-recorded sound of real ATC voices that played in a loop over and over. You cant talk to it, there’s no responding to it. It was simply background “music” for lack of a better word.

It has nothing to do with Live+. You are still solo and have unicom. It is simply background noise.

Before I had Live+ I enjoyed the chatter. Being constantly playing probably took up precious processing power and also took up space.


I don’t remember ATC chatter on solo. Was it like X-plane has?