Poll: Best time for an event?

Recently I did a poll to see where people live to best create events. I realized that this may not have been the best way to go about gauging the desired data. People work and have lives outside of IF but still try to make events. If an event was to be created, what time would be best for you to come?

Keep in mind what time you would fall under. For example, I live in New Jersey, USA. For me the best time would be around 5PM. This would be 1700 military time + 4hrs is 2100Z.

  • 0000Z-0400Z
  • 0400Z-0800Z
  • 0800Z-1200Z
  • 1200Z-1600Z
  • 1600Z-2000Z
  • 2000Z-2400Z

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Wasn’t this topic already made by you?

did you read the explanation?

Oh ok. I went to your other topic and saw this is a bit different, my fault.

[poll type=multiple]
to able selecting multiple times :)

where would I put that under the first poll or the end poll?

Thanks grx but it says I cant alter it after the first 5 mins

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From experience any events that I have made that are not past around 1800Z have been pretty dead.

Thank You so much for showing how to transfer to zulu time! :)

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