[Poll] Are you interested in an "Around the IF World Event"?

Are you interested in an "Around the IF World Event?

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No I am not but thanks for asking.


It would be cool, but not in one day (obviously…), but we could have segments like one week is around North America, etc.


That was my idea. Every week on friday and saturday One region

It would be cool if you did just a chill flight sometime. But the next time, you have a race with everybody, or maybe teams. Or you could put it together and start off with a race, then just fly to the next ideal place to start another race. I don’t know.


I will think about your Idea

Maybe you could organize a “race around the world” event with one or two forum members, I don’t want to be in a race with fifty other members. Because seven members might want to travel north, fifteen may travel west, four east, and twenty-four go south.😤 Also, you’d need to keep refueling.😤😤

Maybe you should do the race with a team because I don’t think anyone wants to spend the whole day flying.

I think that would be really cool! They could fall on Turbulent Tuesdays and Friday Night Flights. There would be 2 ways of doing this.

1st Way: On a TBT Everyone starts out at LAX. Then we all go to PHX. And after you leave PHX it would then be the FNF and you could either go to DFW or ORD. Then on the next TBT if you left from ORD you would go to JFK,PHL,LGA,EWR, or BOS. If you left from DFW you would go to MCO,CLT, or ATL.
Then when you leave from the airports listed abound everyone would fly to DUB,LHR, or EGW.

2nd Way: You fly from any major hub on the west coast of the North America then flies to any major hub in the east coast of North America then fly to any major hub of West Africa and Western Europe, then keep going to the east until you get to any major hub in Eastern Asia (you would be making stops at cities while flying to Eastern Asia). You would then fly south to Australia (stopping in Indonesia and other surrounding countries) and fly from the west coast of Australia to the east. (Stopping at any preferred city) then fly to New Zealand and from New Zealend to South America!

Please add your ideas if you want☺😎

You would have to have selected routes for each FNF and TBT so that ATC is concentrated enough. TBTs could be flights around the area like tours or short regional hops with FNFs being longer transit flights to the next area. Each country or region could have planes sporting appropriate liveries for the area. The TBTs would be better suited for more spread out things like a flight from DFW to surrounding airports and then back.

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Plan it for the time after Global are Released

Create teams, do short 30 min hops, next pilot does the same, soon you are across a continent.

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Or maybe even virtual airlines

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Then you could have a leader board, and whoever has a higher score can get a prize or reward of some sort.


Idea: Relay.


This can be improved upon but I like the idea.

Basically, the instant one plane on a team touches down, another of its team can takeoff. Not sure of the mechanics of that but it’s worth a try.

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That’d be pretty tiring staring at your screen for so many hours

Yes your right. I will think about all your Ideas and create an Event when Global comes out

Or maybe VA’s could partner?

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Why short hops when you can explore the world?

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