Poll: Anyone actually practice Verbal ATC?

Again am sorry if this thread is stupid but dang I like verbal ATC a lot 😂

  • Yes, I do!
  • No, I don’t…
  • Sounds like fun! (Why not reply below or send me a PM? :D)

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Lol yesterday 😂😂😂 never forget

Yesterday one… Best session ever… Pilot scolds ATC… Aka @Bryan_Ang scold @sniperguy135 😂

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Now I want to hear about this. Sounds like great fun.

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Vulgarities were used 😂

That’s why it’s funny xD

But yea yesterday was just for them to warm up

I’ll have a completely serious session one day :P

Well, if you need any advice, my door/DM is always open. I can listen in sometime and see wat you guys are doing.

I fly in real life so I practice real ATC


I fly on vatsim

Aight. I’ll keep you guys posted when I do open up my event for public :)

Keep me posted, I want to hear lol

Will definitely keep my dear friend Arya posted! ;)

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how do I use hello &if? do i have to have 2 devices?

I don’t use Zello but I can guide you a bit on how to use Zello

It is preferred that Zello be run on a separate device, like another phone or on the computer as Zello works using the Push To Talk (PTT) system, unlike TeamSpeak 3 and Discord, which can capture voice without pressing any buttons

But on Discord there is a option to make it PTT

Yea but the point is Zello works only using PTT if I’m not wrong

Have been a user of Zello for years already

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What do you guys use anyway?

We have a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server we use


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Lol don’t tap on the link… TeamSpeak 3 doesn’t work that way…

You have to download the program on your computer or download the app on your phone but it’s better if you use a computer as the TS3 program is free as compared to the Android and iOS apps (which cost money and for the iOS, it’s the most expensive)

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how do you sign up for zello?

You sign up for Zello… Just create an account