[Poll] Aisle seat or Window seat?

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Share your comments here why you do prefer the option (Aisle/Window) more!

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Only heathens choose aisle.


I need the legroom. Its hard fitting into those seats when your 6’ 5". I always take aisle, emergency exits, or the bulkhead. As much as I love the window. 😢



View of the Outside
Great for people recording
Bad for people with tough bladders


Hardly no view
Cannot control window blinds
Great for people who want space
In and Out as much as you want
First to access over head bins
Able to leave the row first
Leave first



Flying in planes every week is the only time I love being short.

And not even a toss-up. Hmm, rest my head on a window or…get knocked with everyone’s purses, luggage and, um, body parts during boarding (I’m always first group and at front, so every freaking passenger passes me), get hit in the knee with the amenities cart, have to get up so the guy slugging back beers can go to the lav 6 times? Tough to choose.




I like window because I get to plane spot while still on the ground! :)


My topic could continue the discussion! ;)


It’s always about seats, there are people who love the window seat and there are some who love the aisle seat


I love Window seat more actually, But sometimes it gets annoying when you have to go to the loo because you have to walk through peoples sitting next to you when the flight is fully booked (Especially on LCCs, It’s a nightmare for walking through peoples)


Window. You get to see other planes and you can record the takeoff/landing

6’2, I always book emergency or bulkhead seats for the leg room, though I still insist on the window unless my son is with me.

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I used to prefer window when I was younger but now that i need the bathroom more and my legs are to long I prefer the aisle.

Bad bit about the window is that you have to climb over people to get to the lav. :/


That’s fair. Unless you have an excuse, window is the first to go for.

Window always. You get a view and a rest. The only benefit of the aisle is easy access to the lockers above but that’s what the holds for. Just a small backpack in front the rest in the hold.

Or of course you could just go for business or first class where there’s no trouble about aisle or window.

Most Business Class stuff I’ve seen has aisle seating.

I definitely want to chose window so I can see the view outside.

I’m 6’6" and I still always try to squeeze myself into the window seat, the only real problem it causes me is that I have to stand really awkwardly whilst waiting to exit the plane which really hurts my back, but its worth it IMHO.

Window, seeing all the pretty clouds is nice