(Poll) AirlineSpotlight or AirportSpotlight


About a year ago I made a topic called AirlineSpotlight: Air Vanuatu . I said at the time that I was going to make weekly posts about lesser known airlines. I was in the process of the second one when I had to start focusing on my exams and I never got back into it after. I have decided that I want to continue it now.

My Question

Now my main question for y’all is if you would want me to cover lesser known airports or lesser known airlines. I could do either one or both alternating every other week. So I would start with an airline and next week cover an airport. So let me know which one you would want and also let me know if you want this in the first place.


Which one should I do?

  • Cover Airlines
  • Cover Airports
  • Alternate Between the Two

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Do you even want this in the first place

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for the read! Hopefully I can continue this far into the future.

i’m exited to get to know some lesser know airlines and airports so i can realy improve my aviation knowledge, thank you for making this @CaptainCaybrew!

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