[POLL] Aircraft/Region Bundle!

I thought of an idea, where you could buy a bundle pack, let’s say it’s a “Boeing Bundle”. With this bundle you would get all/most/some of the Boeing aircraft for a small discount from the price of buying them all. Maybe 20% off or something (random figure, would’ve thought it would be around that amount).

There could be bundles like:

  • Brittania Pack!
    Includes all/most of the British liveries* and the London region

  • La Pack de la Français (The French Pack)
    All French liveries* and Paris map

  • Stars and Stripes Bumper Bundle (Stars & stripes = America)
    Includes all (purchase able) American regions and all American liveries*

*You would get the plane that has the livery.

What do you think of this idea?

  • Yes! This is a brilliant idea.
  • Yes, I think the idea is good.
  • Meh, it’s alright.
  • I don’t really care.
  • Nah, I don’t think so…
  • No. I don’t like the sound of that.
  • No! Never! This is a terrible idea!

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I already have purchased all the aircraft i want so this is not for my own benefit.

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I think this is a AMAZING idea, It would make people want to buy more so, Money=Wealth=More things in IF= Everything is awesome! (Lego movie reference)

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I think it would be to complicated and you might not know what you have and don’t have

If you got the region then you would get all of the plane which would make the purchases VERY expensive.

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Perhaps rather than based on liveries, it could be based on aircraft families instead.

For example, the ERJ bundle, the 747 bundle, A320 family bundle, and so on. Make it say, 75% of whatever it would cost to get all of them separately - or whatever would be appropriate under the circumstances. These planes are relatively similar, so under normal circumstances you’d just pick one that you enjoy the most, - but the option could be there if you want the entire type.