[POLL] Airbus A321 or Boeing 757?

They are both the same plane one is new than the other

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  • Airbus A321
  • Boeing 757

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One is a Boeing and one is an Airbus? Deg not the same aircraft though built for similar markets I think??

What’s the purpose of this?


Just to see stats I guess

a331 is more modern. B757 first built in 1981 whilst the A321 1994, also Airbus is still being built whilst the B757 has stopped production.

Personally I prefer the look of the Airbus rather than the B757, which looks a little odd in my view, perhaps because they have fitted a WB cockpit on to a NB airframe.

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The ‘a331’

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Fat fingers…“A321”

B752 = The dolphin

lol still think of her more of a stick insect! However nice to fly, pig on the ground at present until reworked at least.

can you help me with make a poll


#757love will never end


Awww it will eventually go the way of the dodo… just like the A300


I said eventually 😉


😀 Doesn’t Mahan operate A300’s still? What about IR?