[POLL] A320 or A319?

So in my other topic,

I decided to get the A319. Now I’m not sure if I should get the A319 or the A320.

  1. The a319 has a BA livery! Hooray!
  2. I love the a320 IRL. It’s one of my favourite planes!

Comment down below why I should get a certain plane.

Thanks guys!😄

P.s I can’t get both or get live+ for private reasons so please don’t suggest. Thanks.

  • A319
  • A320
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Get the A319 if it has so many liveries you wan’t.


Go for the A319 if your looking for BA livery. If not then go A320 it’s got more liveries on it I think


Then if you already have the A319, why not get the A320? 👀

No I don’t have it. I decided I want that but then I want sure if I should get the a320 instead.

I’m going to the A319! BA and EasyJet here I come! 😄.


That’s the one I went for, as it has the BA livery and the Easyjet livery, which are two airlines I fly on often. :D

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Same here! 😄

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Ooh, the A320 has more sharklet liveries!
The A319 has more liveries!

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A320 is much more advanced in my opinion.

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