[POLL] A318 or A319?

I just got my $10 to buy a live subscription and 1 aircraft. Should I buy the a318 or a319.

If anyone doesn’t mind making a poll, that would be appreciated

  • Buy A318
  • Buy A319

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A319, more liverys incl. 22 plane think about 🙃

I personally enjoy flying the A318 over the A319. Much more agile. :)

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I have both through Live+. I actually haven’t flown the A319 at all yet, I love the adorable little A318. But if I had to pick buying one or the other I would pick the A319, simply because it has a better selection of liveries.

A318 has the FDS livery :)

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I will continue the poll until tomorrow when I go to pick, Thankyou for the feedback!