[POLL] 787-9 or A319?

I would like to get a new plane in a few weeks. I don’t know if I should go 787-9 or A319.
Now before everyone scrambles to choose the 787-9, I have few things to say before that.

  1. I kinda find it pointless now to get the 787-9 because I just got the 777-200ER and I know the 787-9 has all the nice new features but I’ve heard that the 777’s will get all these new features too (wing flex ect). So then it would be pointless and could’ve spent my money on something different (A319). I haven’t spent my money yet but I’m just saying!

  2. The A319 has loads of my favourite liveries! The 787-9 has 3 liveries I like. Liveries are VERY important to me! Just bear that in mind!

So based on what I have just written could you guys decide which one would suit me best. If you have any really good reasons why I should get a certain plane (787-9 or A319) please comment it down below. I would just like to here other people’s opinions.

P.s I know my reasons above made it sound like I was in favour of the A319 but I still wouldn’t mind getting the 787-9. You decide!

Thanks guys!😄

  • A319
  • 787-9

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Do you have any other a320 or 787 aircraft?

more liveries are expecting to be on the 787-9. BA is a rumour

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No. Not that’s paid anyway

I would go for the 787-9 then.

Oooohhhh 😍 ! Great! You might have just swayed my decision

i voted A319 but then remembered that the A321 is free so you get the cool A320 series aircraft features so id go for the 787-9


777-200Er has no singflex or a great cockpit.

But I heard that in an update, maybe in a year, that eventually the 777 will have a reworked cockpit and wing flex

That’s a rumour. They’ll probably do the crj first.

A319. The 787 is very sensitive to pitch controls, whereas the A319 has a very good pitch control.

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maybe but hopefully they will get other aircraft i.e. A380, B757 done first


787 because it has all the features of the A319 (except being small) and the 787 has Wingflex!

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Nooooo. Surely they would do the 777’s first?
Now back on topic everyone!😉

Well, let me say, I do have both, and I’ve found I’ve been flying the 787 aircraft much more than the a319 type aircraft. I find it a much more fun flight with a BEAUTIFUL looking cockpit and the wing flex is just gorgeous… especially with the amazing high quality livery textures on the 787 fleet.

In my opinion, go the 787-9 :)


I’m going to get:

The 787-9!

Hooray! I can’t wait to get it!

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You’ll enjoy the wingflex and the 4K textures for sure.
I think you made the right decision.

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Thanks! I really can’t wait to get it! Especially for the new features and liveries! (Wing flex, 4K textures, BA livery)


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