Politics of Aviation (ICAO Freedoms)

Yet another interesting video by Wendover Productions!


The 6th Freedom, my flying school: Freedom Aviation Ltd xD
(I wasn’t joking) http://www.freedomaviation.co.uk/


Great video. Really informative!

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Such an informative and great video.

Wendover productions is just amazing (not as much as CGP Grey)

There are actually 9 freedoms of the air, rights past the fifth freedom is not usually granted, but it exists nonetheless.

In addition, it looks like the guy ripped the above image, modified it, and did not attribute to the original author in the description (Synchronism). The image is CC BY-SA 3.0, so the person using needs to acknowledge the source of the graphic. Not cool from a channel with such a large following.

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Wendower production is just amazing

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