Politically correct

Why is the IFC so politically correct? that is the only thing I dont like about it, you say something that may offend one person it gets flagged, I love the community otherwise it is very useful and a good place, I am not the most politically correct on the community but I know not to say explicitally racist or homophobic things because I agree with not saying them since it can be very offensive, but some small things like making max plane jokes or ryanair jokes are still considered “rude” and “offensive” on the community.


I see where you’re coming from, it’s just given the current political climate we can’t discuss politics civically… besides, the forum is private, so staff can make whatever rules they like.


This is an Infinite Flight forum to talk about Infinite Flight and aviation. Not politics. It’s as simple as that.

Here you basically answered your own question. If it’s offensive or could be considered as that it will naturally get flagged and removed by staff.


The thing is that in the United States, the political atmosphere is COMPLETELY different from the rest of the world. Having lived in both Europe and America, I can say from experience that there are certain things like civil rights issues and social views that, in Europe and other countries, we hold to be truths. However, in the United States, people still debate these widely accepted views such as LGBTQ+ rights and civil rights issues.


Politically correct has nothing to do with politics it means trying not to offend anyone no matter what.

Everyone has will have a different perspective of something that is said. Everyone is different in regards to their opinions and the community is not the place for them to be shared although it may be a joke about about something silly. It may not be silly to them and may be seen as offensive

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I think you guys are taking his words too literally. He means politically correct as in strict and not trying to offend anyone, not literally politics.


you got it!

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It think it’s simple:

If you have to question whether saying/posting is ok in the sense that it might offend others, don’t post it.

If you really really really want to post it, you have the option of finding another medium to do so.

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the thing is though that people get offended so easily now.

Let me just ask you a question. Would you rather have a community that rejects people and creates a rude and inhospitable environment, or a community that is inclusive and accepts everyone, regardless of creed or origin. I know that the sides aren’t polarized as the once I have given, but still I would rather have the IFC be like it is now, as opposed to an
“un-politically correct” community as you say.


I know, but I cant say anything.

Let’s just not talk politics in the first place. Problem solved.


The forum has to be strict to operate correctly since this is an official forum for those seeking Infinite Flight help or assistance for example. There has to be a good atmosphere and to do that it has to be somewhat strict. The forum is a huge part of how Infinite Flight LLC operates so it’s a huge part of their company and needs to be managed accordingly.


So you’re basically asking why there are rules so no one gets offended by another one’s post regarding politics?


How about you just don’t say political things. This isn’t the platform to anyways…


I think it’s important to understand both sides here. I’ll use your example.

This is an aviation community, so the mention of the 737MAX can’t be avoided. To some extend, it is important to make sure that you’re able to handle yourself when they are mentioned. If you can’t handle the mention of such topics, I highly recommend taking a break from the forum as a whole to work on yourself.

That being said, it is also important to understand that people on this community come from all over the world. There could be people here who’s lives have been negatively affected by the tragic crashes of the 737MAX, so this is no place to joke about it.

Theres a difference between completely avoiding the mention of a subject and mentioning it in an inappropriate manner. Yes, I totally agree, the current world situation has made people crazy and they do get offended easily. Although it is very challenging to cater to everyone, try your very best to stay both neutral and respectful.


what do you mean by, its completely fine.

there’s plenty of other forums for your side to communicate lol.

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