Political Display Names on IF Live

Recently I have spotted many politically-related display names on Infinite Flight Live. The purpose of a display name is to be able to identify you, whether you use your full name, nickname, a display name that you like or the same name you use on these forums. I struggle to understand why some users feel the need to use political related ‘names’ or statements as their display name. These have zero relevance to the simulator and create no means of identifying you. If you’re a user of the forums then wouldn’t you like it if other forum members could spot you by a similar display name to your forums username? What if you’re great at controlling and you get scouted by an advanced controller, they need to contact you but can’t because your display name is completely irrelevant, you’re missing out big time there.

Some I have seen lately include “Trump for President” and “Free Palestine” along with others. These create no identity to you as a pilot and in some cases could even cause arguments or controversy because other users may not agree with your display name. Please remember that we are a worldwide community and what may be your opinion could cause offence to another person. I personally think that these types of display names have no place on IF Live as they’re completely un-related and could cause unnecessary offence/arguments.

This is only my opinion on the topic. What is everyone else’s thoughts on this?
Rant over!


I agree with you. Political names shouldn’t be used in IF.


Did you reported it?

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Go to Settings, click the Live tab on the left, and turn on ‘Hide Airplane Names’.


Or just do that lol ^^

No, I wouldn’t ghost / report for something like this because they’re most likely not meant to cause offence (and they do not offend me), its just my opinion on them.

@AR_AR I quite like seeing other users names / callsigns, its not that I want to hide all of them its just my opinion on a few :)


Maybe Trump is paying them.


I saw “Kurdistan” few times, as well as “Palestine free”