Political Country Borders on Map

I think it would be quite cool to have a country borders on/off button in the map menu so we can see what country we are in. Let me know what u think!


I assume this is on the minimap and not on the actual terrain?
I see where you’re going with this. However I don’t see it essential and I’d rather be able to see the old regions.
Btw you should vote for your own feature ;)

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Yeah on the minimap ok will do

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I like the idea. Could be added when the bring the terrain back (Hopefully).

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Liveflight does it for you, but until it comes out… If it comes out Liveflight works fine as a substitution.

I would love this in the game

MaxSez: Political Boundaries are just a start. The Nav “Chart” needs a complete rework and made user friendly.

(A Seperate Topic with suggested improvements should be developed by some hotshot who is willing to ride heard on the list until acceptable to FDS for development.)

(Keep the data in the IF App. 2/3 party offerings are inconvenient)


What would you propose to the idea. Would you want this to apply to liveflight and or like an online option to show terrain on the “country border”. I would like a little more detail before I vote, but like the idea.

Livefilght already has the borders showing. I believe he’s referring to the map in the app.

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I remember laura saying that the map will be reworked (at least that the coast will)

But I think that it was a choice made by the team to make the map less loaded. If this feature appears, I hope that it will only show on the big map

I would love this feature too.

Yep, I always check nearby airport to check on what country I am on, especially when flying in Europe. Good idea.

Cool idea but I’m out of votes

This is cool, probably will clear a vote for it, but what would they do with political disputes over territories?