Political callsign In IF

So today I was taxing down the runway at OMDB and I saw a person with A political callsign promoting the elections. I have seen that other people have brought up the same issue with seeing Political callsigns to I thought of bringing it up since I saw it occur.

Also I have proof

Yea Political call signs are becoming a big issue now that the election is 2 weeks away

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The issue should be solved in the next update(unless people will become creative)

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Yea I know for a fact that is.

So should I speak to a Mod about it or just leave it here?

Just leave it here. Idk

Let me guess, Was the callsign 4 MORE YEARS?

No it wasn’t lol

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I saw someone with that callsign , I was assuming it was them.

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These will be solved with 20.2


okay I guess The topic can be closed now then