Polderbaan Fly-Out Event Screenshots

Earlier today I hosted the Polderbaan Fly-Out, an event focused on utilizing runway 36L at Amsterdam (EHAM) due to its low use in IF, but wind direction forced us to change plans and takeoff from runway 18C, but the event still was amazing! We were in the Expert Server at 21:00Z and we had IFATC at our event thanks to the schedule. This is the event thread.

  1. Everybody parked at the gate

  2. Another angle of parked planes

  3. Some of us taxiing to runway 18R

  4. Because of Schiphol’s taxiway network, two groups of taxiing planes were created, this is the other one

  5. Both groups started to merge in a line to reach runway 18C together

  6. That’s @DeltaFox, the first one to takeoff, and (in order) we were @N489DN, @Infinite2674 (me), @simopoint, @mitchjansen2005, @SunDown, @Jaimexerez2000, @Jukker, @Fat_Albert_512 and @FlyIf_0011IFPA (@Captain_T_Malone had to restart his app so he isn’t in the picture, but he was there)

  7. The line emptying with just 5 planes left for takeoff

  8. That’s my landing at Barcelona (LEBL), completing my event flight


It’s an honor being the first to takeoff 😂 but fr I really like the photos!


I was right behind you in the Air Baltic 757, it was a great event.


Thanks to both of you for joining the event, it makes me really happy that I was able to make somebody’s day a little better


You definitely did that, can’t wait for the next one, btw, i like the pics you got of my aircraft, i was buzzing when i saw them.


Awesome event! I had a great time even though my app crashed mid-taxi and I had start over haha. My landing in Dublin was extremely gusty but still fun and challenging. Can’t wait for your next event @Infinite2674


nice event, I enjoyed it… too bad we werent able to depart from 18L though, but still was fun

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It was 36L not 18L but still, thank you!

oh yeah, I’m dumb haha… I meant 36L obviously lol

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