Polarized Boeing 787 cockpit windows

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner looks amazing. The wing flex, the aileron speedbrake action, the new flight model… Simply amazing what FDS is going to launch this summer spoiler[/spoiler]
Just a little suggestion: If you compare the cockpit windows of the 787 IRL with those on the previews, you’ll clearly notice the cockpit windows on the RWA picture being polarized and not transparent:

This would be just a nice little thing to have hopefully introduced with the RBA 788 ;)


Please, one picture per request.

I knew this was going to come…

How could you compare then?


He’s fine. He’s showing an example of what he’s talking about.


Well, we will see how moderators approve this but…

The devs are hard at work. If they have time to add this, then I’m sure they will!


The current 787 windows vs the polarized ones.

I was actually going to request this a while ago. This would be a nice touch to the 787!

…you’ll notice the windows IRL being polarized


Well, for me they don’t look very transparent but they do not look polarized (aš in the IRL picture)!

I think a little tint/polarization will be nice, not so exaggerated as the IRL picture shows.

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If there’s light shining right onto them the’ll reflect it…

And in the RJ plane aren’t polarized?

You mean other planes?


No I mean, in the Royal Jordanian 787 the window is not polarized? I know you want that the 787 have polarized windows (I think including the passenger ones too), but the 787 cockpit window of IF it’s not polarized?

No I don’t think so, if you compare the RJA 788 to [this] (https://www.planespotters.net/photo/634501/ja820a-all-nippon-airways-boeing-787-8-dreamliner) ;)

It would be cool to have dimmable windows!


But I don’t think dimmable passenger windows will be implemented since there is no 3D cabin equipped with seats, so the windows will just be “painted” on the fuselage…

Fire extinguisher confirmed


Okay, so can we please talk about how we definitely need this??..