Poland in 3D

I have a question, is anybody making or planning to do polish airports in 3D? I’m asking because I live there and the only 3D airport is Warsaw Chopin, and other countries are getting more and more 3D’s

Hey there!

As I am not an editor of any polish airports right now I cannot disclose if they are being or are not being worked on. But rest assured as the team continues to grow and expand with all the new members joining I am confident that Poland will get it’s fair share of 3D airports in the future!

If you want to apply to the team and make 3D airports then click the link below!


Yea I applied today, but just asking if somebody else is doing them.

Again we cannot disclose airports that we are not working on. Unless someone comments on this thread that they are working on an airport I would keep an eye out on #scenery-editing for any topics relating to the development of Polish airports.

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