Points/rewards system?

Ok so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve decided to make it public. Pls. let me know what you think:

Every week there should be a flight plane challenge using an IAP airplane such as the Boeing 757-200: For example, fly LHR-BHX using a Boeing 757-200 at FL350, M 0.78 with medium turbulence and wind speeds of 20 kts., wind gusts of 25 kts. There should be strict and specific parameters that you must follow. You can have 2 tries per day. I you pass, you can get X points. You can use those X points towards the purchase of CERTAIN IAPs of regions and planes.

The challenge could be used to show how fun flying a paid 757 in the paid London region (I think it’s paid at least) and the player could use the points accumulated over time to purchase the 757 eventually. When the player sees the benefits of getting an IAP, then the player could feel motivated to purchase more IAPs later.

For a large amount of points (Take a long time to accumulate), you could get to use free-flight server ONLY (And not as an ATC) for a day or two. This teaser live may motivate the potential user to eventually purchase live because playing challenges for months on end to get 1 or 2 days of live would not be a great way to enjoy the service. In addition, the point value for the live teaser should be made high enough that the person realizes that it is better to purchase a live subscription and then use points to purchase some IAPs.

The amount of IAPs that could be gained using points should be limited to a select few such as the:

Boeing 757-200
Boeing 777F
Embraer E-170
Embraer E-195

so that there are still some purely-IAP only planes and regions.

Thanks for reading (If you made it to here or not) and…

Long live the DC-9!


They should do this in multiplay atc playground it might help with the trolls

Sadly, I have all 4 of those planes.

Besides, why make FDS reward users with a free 757-200? That is their IAP with one of the most liveries. Better option would be the Grumman F-14 tomcat. Cool plane for them, less money lost for FDS.

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It was just a hypothetical. I have no clue what would be best flr a points/rewards system.

Long live the DC-9!

That will not work.

'Cause it will be unfair for those who bought all with real money.

I bought all regions and almost all aircrafts.
Many €€€ spent…

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Agreed @Laurens. I’ve gotten 19 IAPs, one remaining to get 737-700BBJ and 747 NASA SOFIA.

Don’t worry, surely one of the A320 family aircrafts will be paid ;)

I’ve bought all aircraft and all but 1 region but even though I hate the “live should be free” and “add more free aircraft” pleas, I wouldn’t mind it if 2-3 of the least-bought IAPs could be given away. The free IAPs may show the user how much better the game is with additions and could perhaps buy one or two.

That’s my opinion at least.

Long live the DC-9!

I really like your idea to take part in a FP-challenge. I think it is part of what IF is all about- a simulation. (The Space Shuttle ‘missions available’ idea leads into that direction as well). To a certain extend, pilots could see how well (in a very broad manner) they performed.

If players could get points it would even be better. However, I think it could be implemented without.