Points Of View #1 - Îles-de-la-Madeleine to Gaspé

Hello! When playing IF, I like looking at my flights from different points of view, so for this last flight, I decided to post them here! Enjoy!

Flight Attendant

The flight attendant greets passenger as they board this flight, Georgian 116 to Gaspé

She closes and latches the door.

She closes the overhead bins

She checks if all seatbelts are fastened.

She demonstrates how to put on a life jacket.

She is seated and is ready for takeoff.

She serves some drinks mid-flight

She prepares for disemarkment




A passenger boards the plane.

He takes a seat.

He looks outside as the plane gets ready to takeoff.


On final approach into Gaspé.

Over the runway

Touchdown, a smooth touchdown.

He gets off the plane and starts walking to the terminal building.

The passenger, who is also a planespotter takes a picture of the plane.

Air Traffic Controller (this would usually be in French)

”Georgian 116, taxi to runway 25, contact tower when ready.”

“Georgian 116, cleared for takeoff, runway 25”

”Georgian 116, frequency change approved, good day”

“Georgian 116, cleared to land, runway 11”

“Georgian 116, turn right when able, contact ground on the taxiway.”

Flight Info

Departure Airport : Aéroport des Îles-de-la-Madeleine [CYGR]
Arrival Airport : Aéroport Michel-Pouliot de Gaspé [CYGP]
Flight time : 41 minutes

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Thanks so much for staying until the end!


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