Points of Order

Post titles should indicate content

“Question”, “What is this???”, “Help”

These mean nothing. They don’t give those skimming the forum who might have an answer for you any indication at all of what your post may or may not contain. It could very well be “Is the Moon made of cheese?”. No one knows. But if you’re looking for someone who can assist you with something about landing in a crosswind, maybe attract their intention with some indication that your post is about that. (But actually don’t, for that particular topic, search and find the other 30 threads about it. But you get the point.)

??? and !!! do not exist

They are non-existent punctuation marks. Nothing. Don’t exist. Made up. Fake. Erroneous. Imaginary. They make you look as if you’re 6 years old. They should not follow every post title and every sentence. If you want to be taken seriously, write like an adult. Or a second grader.

You don’t get a prize for replying to every thread

If 9 people have already provided the answer, you don’t need to be number 10 to say the same thing. Sometimes you may have stepped out for a sandwich and missed your opportunity to say “the rules for access have recently changed” or “have you tried re-installing.” Thats okay. Youll get 'em next time. And there will be a next time. I promise.

Your insane violation total is not a Support ticket

Support is for problems with the app. Not for your inability to fly appropriately. The app is working as designed. Having too many violations is not a problem with the app. Problem between keyboard and chair.

(BTW, that pop-up message? It means exactly what it says. Read it. If you don’t know what a 1:1 ratio is, I’m not sure what to say.)

Searches are your friend

Whether it’s creating the 1,238,463rd thread about suggested routes (search the forum first) or asking an easily Googled question, searches can save everyone a lot of time. They take all of two seconds. (Actually, Google tells you how long a search takes…a fraction of a second. If you can’t manage that, you’ve got some rough times ahead.) There are some very good resources here in terms of individuals with specialized knowledge for virtually any aspect of aviation (also some who just think they are, make sure you can tell the difference). But we aren’t your butler. If you’re wondering what constitutes VMC, a nanosecond Google search will serve the answer to you on a platter. Piping hot. Take a breath. Search. If you still need more help, go ahead and ask. But if you just want someone to read things to you, hire a butler.

Read the first post of a thread

Strangely enough, this is often where the bulk of the information is contained. As with above, if you just want someone to read the post back to you so you don’t have to read it yourself, hire someone. If the answer to your question is in big bold letters in the original post but you just don’t want to scroll up an read it, just move on.

When is the release?

Its release date. No one knows the exact date.

You may find that occasionally in life, on very rare occasions, you may, just may, have to wait for a thing or two. Possibly. There’s a word for it, slipping my mind…oh, yeah, life.

If we can’t see your grade table, we can’t tell you what it says

If you want to know why you are grade x, post a screenshot of your table. We aren’t telepathic. We can’t see the table. How can we possibly tell you which row(s) you fail to satisfy?

Reply farming is not the same as contributing meaningful content

Just as everyone is sure that XP farming at KEDW on Unicom makes you a better pilot because you get quick XP, some seem fairly certain that finding 30 old threads and typing “I agree!!!” In each one is the surest way to achieve ‘status’. Meaningful contributions, emphasis on the former, is the key. Simply trying to hit a certain number of replies without saying anything of substance contributes nothing. Except clutter.

Same goes for topic creation. If you’ve created 10 topics in the past 24 hours, and 8 are closed as duplicates, perhaps take a few minutes to re-assess your farming strategy.


Spot on!!! Everytime you make one of these tremendously long posts, I still read it. Very well said, we need some more logical thinkers like you👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


You could not have possibly read that in under a minute 🤥


Finally, someone steps up to address all of this.
Thank you.

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I just bookmarked this for easy access so that whenever someone needs some help, I can come to the rescue! 😉




haha, very good mate!

Love this topic! Bookmarked for sure!

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I just want to add on to this that when the moderators see you doing this, they have the power to demote you or even suspend you. I got Regular by contributing meaningful posts and topics. I didn’t post 20 replies a day just to appear active. Take your time and be a good contributor to the Community. Thanks!


HELP??? I’m not sure I understand!!!

Yes I have tried turning it on and off again, I have tried reinstalling, I have considered labotomy via soup spoon? Anything else

Excellent post Tim, another one of my pet hates fabulously addressed with your crayons


@Tim_B… Believe this Quote is appropriate my old friend. Your an IF Treasure, The IF Wise old Owl! “Do Good Work”… Very Respectfully, Max



Very well said! I think this thread should automatically be sent to all the people who make it obvious that they’re clearly posting nonsense in order to get regular 🙄

I know it’s mentioned everywhere, but still: don’t tag, just flag. It gets quite annoying when someone says something off-topic, followed by a comment that says “please stay on topic,” and then a comment replying to that comment saying “please don’t reply, just flag.” Oh the irony! That is how good topics get closed and regular discussion is limited.


That recalls to mind another of my favorite Asimov quotes:


This comes to my mind


I’d like to nominate this post for best topic of 2018.
In all seriousness, this is an issue that should be addressed, and you did it in a very professional and formal way.


You just killed like 20 birds with one stone. This was well written and everyone should read it.


Well done Tim. I couldn’t have written it any better than this, keep up the good work.


All of the points here are valid but i have had violations from bugs (have been confirmed by regulars). For example the overspeeding bug. So yes, some violations are minor problems with the app but they can be fixed in time. Also please try to explain nicely (formally) theres no need to say thing like “oh,yeah,life.” None whatsoever. But good post im sure it well help a lot of people.

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This is one of the reasons i like you! Even though you’re a math nerd.

Great post!


Whilst I do agree with most of your points, I disagree with this one. I’m not looking to start an argument, but these forms of punctuation do exist and can be useful for times when one exclamation or question mark just isn’t enough. One is, however, unlikely to find themselves in a situation on this forum where the use of such language features is truly necessary. In short, use multiple punctuation marks if you want, just don’t do it all the time, or you’ll look like a berk.