Pointing The Finger at Pilots

Hello IFC,

Today I am not here to rant nor am I here to blame people, however, recently I have been noticing some quite unfair and unnecessary posts that perhaps dis-encourage Pilots within infinite flight.

People, (not going to point any fingers) have been posting about pilots mistakes and seeming angry about pilots on the Training Server. I really don’t think this is fair at all as this forum is meant to be a positive and kind community of people who love IF, also, how would you feel if someone made comments about your flying? Embarrassed? Disencouraged?
We all started one day, whether it be last year or this year we all were once beginners (unless your some supernatural flyer). I personally don’t think these sort of comments are appropriate for a forum of this quality.
Lastly, if your annoyed that some pilot didn’t have their strobes on or forgot to request takeoff, then go on solo or expert!! There’s a reason the Training server is called that, hence the word ‘training’, for pilots to train on and learn the basics until they reach expert standards.

I’d like to hear other people’s opinions on this as it is something that annoys me to see Pilots getting made fun of for learning. Remember, we all learn! How else do you think I can type this or speak this or even read this?

Luke - Your favourite Carrot in IF!


How I see it, the recent complaints are about pilots which know what to do but choose to be disruptive. Your plane just doesn’t stop in the middle of the runway full of inbound and outbound traffic for 20 minutes, noob you are or not. I think those kind of people need to be punished, yet I can’t think of a way to do this automatically.

FYI; Meta is stuff that has to do with the function of the forum, this clearly goes under Live.


I have seen complaints about pilots as well on training server.

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Why do i find this topic to be as annoying as those you mention? Not to lay any blame on you, but…

I don’t think any sane person thinks the topics you mention are worth the trouble, hence they were closed and brought down pretty quick… Always have, and always will be trolls like those pilots mentioned unfortunately. Not much can be done about without a significant increase in resources.


Very well said, and I do hope that forum posts don’t discourage anyone from enjoying IF, after all they’re two separate entities. I agree that it gets tiring reading the pilot & controller blame game posts. In my time here I’ve seen many come and go, as have the members that have been here longer than I. As new people join they’ll also create blame game posts. All I can suggest is to refer the author to PM their issue to the individual if possible. Your intentions are definitely in the correct place.

A quick caveat, we must always keep in mind that not everyone that operates within IF Live is also a member here on the forums. There are users out there with access to expert that have no knowledge whatsoever of the going ons here in the community.


I don’t see the quality of flying being flawed by members, however, I see people get fed up with annoying “trolls” that play Infinite flight just for the enlightenment of being a troll. Which is rightfully fair enough, you pay for a game and should be able to play it, regardless of your grade, without being annoyed by trolls. Which needs to stop.


Sounds like me Sorry 😞 I did say that I felt bad for the person that did it that’s why I posted it 😞


I’m not blaming anyone sir. Don’t blame yourself. The people stay anonymous.

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just saying that i have done it and know what it’s about not blaming

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Incorrect. The forum is about discussion. I don’t have to say something nice, the key is being constructive to the discussion.

I’d very much like you to PM me some examples of where this is happening. I don’t know ATM what you’re referring to, and therefore what sort of attitude to take here.


In my opinion pointing out an issue or behavior that is problematic is not playing the blame game so much as creating discussion on an issue, as long as no names are thrown out there.

People also forget that if you have a specific issue with a specific pilot or ATC member to haave a civil discusssion about it in a PM on here.


No, your right, you don’t have to say something nice, however, putting the blame on pilots isn’t very nice.

But if it was he/she’s fault there needs to be some sort of acknowledgement they did wrong, so they can learn and develop into better pilots, which is one of the primary uses of this forum.

meta is about forum issues like not loading pages or glitches

That’s why I put it in live…

@Luke you asked, I answered

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Oh, right! Thanks for that

@Carrots4Luke1… MaxSez: Your opinion is accurate and insightful. It may get some attention and responses from the regular bloviators but it’s just a repeat of the same old song with different music. We’ve been hearing this complaint about TS1 since day one. Please look at this problem logically. TS-1 was designed as a training site where both Fledgling Pilots and Controllers hone their skill. Consider the cast on TS-1, it’s a melting pot of kids,gamers, malcontents and thugs, but most of all aviation enthusiasts who are earning there bones.
Your obviously mature and an enthusiast. Just follow your gut as you would in a school yard. Do your thing and ignore the great unwashed! Persevere, go for it!


You’re right mate! Thanks.

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I absolutely agree. I’m only Grade 2 and I get smacked with criticism.