Point to, to add user defined waypoints

This is about placing a pointer on the map and pushing a button to automatically enter the pointer’s latitude and longitude as a user defined waypoint.

I tried to search if there had already been such a feature request but didn’t find anything.

I’ve desired on various occasions to add a custom waypoint directly into the map.

For example, you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no available waypoints and you want to set a transition point or two to set up for the remote airstrip (and hand over to the AP while you multitask).

Similarly in busier airspace, you might be VFR and want to quickly set up an ad hoc approach to accommodate current conditions etc.

You graphically point a cursor on the map and simply select to insert the custom waypoint at that location.

You could also enter the number manually in a user-friendly format for a more precise location (like a ground feature you found in google that you’re looking for, say an impact crater, for example).

So, point:

and select (roughly like this):

and you might get something like this:

Wouldn’t this just be the same as inputting the lat/long coordinates as a waypoint? (albeit this would be much easier)


It would be the same. But incredibly easier yes, with no need of third-party apps/websites, and no need to look for the coordinates as you have the map infront of you.

I support this, even though I have no votes sadly.


In another topic it took me the number of steps shown below, to describe how to input a single user defined waypoint directly into the map as currently implemented (unless I’m missing something and there is an easier way?):

btw @SJSharkie, credit to you for motivating me to make this feature topic.


This would definitely be great tool, I’d say may main fpl tool is IF flight tools or whatever that website is called lol, you can put points on a map there and it will give you a .fpl file