Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered.

Hello, my fellow community members. I hope you’re all doing well.

In the last few weeks, I have unfortunately noticed more and more specific behavior when it comes to answering questions from users, be it in #live, #general or #support. That’s why I want to address some simple rules of behavior which when followed will keep the community and its topics cleaner.

1. When a question is answered, it’s answered. No need to reply again.

Here’s a little example of how it shouldn’t be:

The user asked for a Staff member. As a result, he got:

  • 4x “Just PM a moderator.”
  • 2x “What’s the issue?”
  • 8x Off Topic comments

And even after a Staff member replied, another user wrote: “Just write a moderator.”

Please: When a question is answered, there is no need to write another reply. It will spam the topic, and it’s just chaotic. Just wait until OP reaches out again.

2. There is no need to write something when somebody else already wrote the same thing.

Another example:

A user claimed that he was wrongly reported. First of all, those topics have been showing up daily as well lately… But that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, as a response to his inquiry he got:

  • 2x “Who was the controller?”
  • 2x “XY is the controller.”
  • 2x “Write a PM to him.”
  • 2x an explanation of how to send a PM

8 answers where 4 (or even one) would have been enough. Also, one user was already helping OP when two other users joined the party and added precisely the same.

Unless you don’t have something new and USEFUL to add, don’t add it.

And last but not least:

3. When you agree or wanted to say the same: Give a Like instead.

The simple rule: Instead of replying precisely the same or writing “I would do the same” give the answer you agree with a Like. As simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have something actual helpful and useful to add, write it. But if someone already wrote the same, let it be. And if the question is already answered: Let it be as well.

Thank you, happy landings, good day or night.


Good point, and I have a similar topic too. Maybe add this onto your thread.


Great post i think this should be pinned so everyone can see this


This is a good post but I feel that it just makes the OP feel happy he has a lot of people who can help him.

Although on the other hand, it does clog up topics and it just takes up lots of space


I see these so many times and it annoys me. Like if another persons answers first than me, I delete my response because they already answered it. Now whenever I respond, there is sometimes that someone who has to respond the same thing right after.


Did you read the post. Just a like Is needed to show you like it and agree ;)

“The simple rule: Instead of replying precisely the same or writing “I would do the same” give the answer you agree with a Like. As simple as that.”


This is literally what I meant with Point 4.


Perfect exampel of what you shouldnt do😂

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Thank you for saying this, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed. It seems to me the main reason behind it is people gunning for regular, but trying to insert yourself into every topic isn’t gonna help get you there.


Very well said!

Very well remember my scenario which it happened in the reported one!

You should had used the message you wrote at the end for a prime example


Exactly. However, I do admit I’ve found myself guilty of answering when someone else has already answered, and a lot of people do. It usually happens when the topic is just created, and you have five people trying to reply at the same time.

If only there was some type of system in Discourse, saying like, “Your reply is similar to another reply, please re-word”.


Thanks a lot for this 🙏 peoples really need to see this. This is jus increasing nowadays


I’ve tried to not do this in support, but this was needed. While I’ve probably done it once, maybe even twice, this post was a necessary one.
Although I agree with @InfiniteNick, when someone hasn’t yet replied with the solution, everyone is going to want to solve the problem because they don’t know what the other users will say. Nothing you can do about that. (not copying what he said, just clarifying what he means)


So… how much people said « Good point » or « great post »? 😁

Joke done… It’s always good for someone asking something to have response from multiple people, but remember that if you can’t help today because someone already helped, you may always have your chance tomorrow :)

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Have you tried to PM the controller? I agree though

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now if only people will read this, listen, and comply with it

We should make this text the welcome page for new users. And all current users should read this too. Great job @Marc


Great post, Marc!

This is something that irks me especially on the forum. A certain demographic of users here like to “race” and post the usual “Welcome to the forum” yada yada stuff and there ends up being 5 of the same posts.

Remember, there is a delete button. Don’t be afraid to use it. If a person got to post first and you posted the same thing at the same time, just delete yours. It’s not the end of the world.


AKA the Forum Police!

Thank you for bringing this issue up. More often than not, an OP who needs assistance being bombarded by several replies that are redundant or unrelated will just become more confused. Whether you’re trying to stand out, gun for regular, or (hopefully) just trying to help out, check once before replying. A little bit goes a long way.


@Marc with another helpful topic :)