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If I’m not! wrong, I have to wait two years for the next report without being able to go to the next higher rank. if it also stop the subscription to the next report because there will be no more interest to play.

Si je me trompe pas, il faut que j’attende deux ans au prochain rapport sans pouvoir accéder au grade supérieur. si c ca autant arreter l’abonnement au prochain rapport car il n’y aura plus aucun interet a jouer.

Hello! According to the chart, you only need to wait 7 days from your last report in order to rank up.

If you were to get one more, however, you would have to wait one year.

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I believe 5 reports still has you at grade 3.

It is the sixth that locks you out.


and if I want to start all over again by doing reset. knowing that I took a subscription to the month and not to the year. It is possible ?

Maybe keep playing on casual get some landings in there to lower your violation ratio while you wait to get back to the next grade. This way on CS you can sharpen your skills and get 0 violations/reports

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