Is there something wrong with LiveFlight???

Not at all, this is what is placed there (among other images) when the aircraft is not yet in IF


Nope, this occurs when Liveflight can’t trace what aircraft is flying. Usually occurs when an aircraft is in testing since Liveflight does not know what aircraft it is.


Thanks I was a little confused about it.

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Hehe Misha testing something fresh eh?


Could be or it could just be an aircraft with no image assigned to it on LiveFlight. Two possible scenarios ;)

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And you know what aircraft flies that route IRL? LATAM A350-900😀. TAM8181. Oh and the A330-200 and 300.

I would say Misha is testing the A330-300. Seeing its already been confirmed by Laura that the ground effects and flaps are being updated.

Wow thoughts keep flooding in.

What if it’s actually a Lockheed XFV…

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Don’t get too excited peeps,

Lockheed XFV-1 range max 419mile.
He already travelled over 1000+miles

And it’s max speed 580mph. :)

That is strange because if he tested new a330, there would be an image of a330, because all they’ve changed about a330 is physics and some issues with flaps etc.

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