Poggio AB ICAO

Hi all,

It was suggested to me by a fellow pilot to fly Brize Norton (EGVN) to Poggio AB, Italy!

I started making my flight plan but then could not find the destination airport at all!

I have now departed and have just hit cruising altitude but I cannot find the ICAO anywhere! Not even Google!

Can anybody help me out!

I searched Poggio but there wasn’t any airport.

I know but I have multiple people saying they have flown there!


Poggio AB has a helipad. That’s all I can find…

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Do you have an ICAO for that?

No, but LIPF is just down the road from it. Do you mean Reggio by chance? LIDE? It’s not an airbase, but the name is very similar.

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Nope definitely Poggio AB, Italy

If neither you or Google can find it, your friends are probably wrong.

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ok you are probably right!

Well, there’s nothing there unfortunately. Nothing comes up with that name. Closest military field looks to be Cervia. LIPF is the closest field to Poggio AB. Poggio itself though has one helipad, no runway.