[PODIUM RELEASED] The HUGE October IFC Screenshot Competition

Presented by your hosts:

@JetSuperior5192 & @AvioesEJogos

Who is up for another, but bigger screenshot competiton? Well, the hosts are! @AvioesEJogos and @JetSuperior5192 would like to welcome you to the October IFC screenshot competition. If you are looking to presume your shots, but competing against more people, this is the right place! This competition not only will be big, but it will be bigger, better than ever!




  1. Every participant who joins this event has to respect the Category Guidelines . This means: no HUD, no hard photoshops, and no meme photos.
  2. Videos, GIFs or something similar are not allowed in this competition.
  3. All the pictures must be yours. The edits are at your own.
  4. Hard photoshops are not allowed, according to the rule #7 on the category rules (Photoshops that include any feature not in the simulator)
  5. Please ensure that your photos are on high quality.
  6. Moonshots are not permitted. You may ask why?

Moonshots are probably the best thing that a #screenshots-and-videos topic can have. So it means that a moonshot can have an easy win. So, to remain the quantity of this awsome competition, moonshots are denied in this competition. Please be creative with your photos . :=)

  1. Be aware that there will be no prize for the competition. Is just participation and fun.
  2. If you avoid @applepro243 on getting a 2nd consecutive championship, you will earn a Virtual Cookie.
  3. I understand that there will be a lot of excitement on the first and last rounds; while this may happen, please maintain a civilized discussion, and avoid promoting your pictures.
  4. Last but not least: Have fun!

How the competition will be?

The competition will consist by elimination: If you lose, you are out, and the winner will move to the next round. It will be as the previous competition: It will be divided in two groups, but this time, each group can take from 16 to 32 participants, so we can give some room for those who are interested.

A few notes

  • To signup, leave a comment below, letting us know that you are participating. Please do not PM with your pictures.
  • Once the competition is good to go, @JetSuperior5192 will send a PM for Group A, while @AvioesEJogos will do on Group B. In the group, we will send the matchups, and once the competitor gets tagged, they will have 12 hours to submit a photo (On Another PM). If the competitor doesn’t submit, it’s disqualified.
  • Voting will last at least 24 hours, and It will remain undisclosed until the end of the round.
  • The finals will be the winner of Group A vs the Winner of Group B.
  • If you have any questions, please let us know!
  • You can check the competition status below:

Competition Status

Group A leaderboard
Group B leaderboard


3rd Place 1st Place 2nd Place Runner Up
@Xaro @Airborne_Canuck @applepro243 @Suhas

We look foward on seeing you there! Thanks for having a look on the topic!


  1. This competition is not sponsored by any VA, VO or Infinite Flight LLC.

  2. This event was approved by the moderation team.


I would like to signup :D

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Of course, you are going into the Group A. Good Luck!

Sign me up please!

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You are going with @AvioesEJogos in the group B. Thanks for joining!

Can I sighn up?

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Why not? You are going with group A. Thanks for joining :)

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Sign me up!

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Yup! Count me in!

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Group A

Group B

Both signed up :)


I haven’t done much on here recently, i’ll sign up :)

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Strange seeing you here ;)

Group A. Thanks for coming.

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Why are all the cool ppl in A 😭


May I sign up please?

No - No, so yes…

Group B. Thanks for coming :)

Sign me up!

Also thanks for tagging me on the WFC.


Group B. Thanks for signing up!


@JetSuperior5192 may I join? Thanks!


Group A! Thanks for coming :D


can i join?

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