Podcast Anniversery Flight @ KDEN - [CLOSED]

Guys just to let you know,now is 14:14 zt

just to let anyone know ill be holding up the rear of the flights

Climbing to FL240. Will keep a speed of 250kts IAS to allow some to catch up, then up to 310 on the speed.

good idea im out of kden right now got some still clearing out

Ayeeeeeeeee to late to join :’(

when your doing your math packet on cruise

not to late just hurry

ok then wait for me!!!

im just cruisng here at 210 AS u should catch me easy

in parking going to join and 738 is causing delays

NEarly got violation because watching star wars while typing on computer and IF on phone

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someone that gets there early please take a photo of me landing :)

@TheRedeemer: Speaking of which… Pay attention and get off of my frequency, please. ;)

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oh yes :( sorry was to busy watching donald duck

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LOL that moment when u forget to change freq

wait 4 me im like 2 waypoints behind you

ok ill slow to 200 AS

Guys im on the 787 does anyone care if i land on KASE with it?

i mean its against notams but its not up to me

They said no bigger than a A321…

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